Who are we?

The Kitchen Ninja’s Dojo is run by foodie couple Sara and Pauli. Two food-loving martial arts fans who believe cooking should be easy, fun and accessible to everyone.

Sara – Kitchen Ninja

I’m a personal trainer, athlete and foodie with a background in Independent film, theatre and Nordic-style roleplay events. I love to combine pragmatic solutions with a fun and creative approach. My first cookbook “Fantasy food” did this by combining practical, healthy recipes with a fun, creative context (fantastic fiction and live role-play/theatre).

I was taught to cook by my grandmother (a trained householder) and great grandmother (a professional cook) from 5 years of age. Since then, I have never stopped learning.

Find out more about me at my personal blog

Pauli – Graphics Ninja

Pauli has a degree in history and writing and is a highly talented graphic artist (he also makes kick-ass thai curries). For The Kitchen Ninja’s Dojo, Pauli does our art and camerawork.

Check out more of Pauli’s work at Pauli’s Drawing Journal.

All above images are copyright © Pauli Liestalo 2015 and may only be used with permission.