Why Kitchen Ninja?

Over 10 years ago, I was given the nickname “Kitchen Ninja” by a friend. The nickname referred to my cooking skills while alluding to my gymnastic abilities at the time. More recently, “Ninja” has become a popular term for someone who is very good at something. We live in a time where “fitness ninjas”, “tech ninjas” and “customer service ninjas” abound to solve our problems for us. Perhaps then, it is only fitting that we seek to become our own “kitchen ninjas” – if only to reestablish our inherently human connection with the food we eat, the art of taste, and the relationships that are built and nurtured around a meal.

The idea for The Kitchen Ninja’s Dojo started when my father asked me to teach him how to cook.

In 64 years, dad never needed to do much cooking, but now that he had retired, he wanted to help my mother in the kitchen. Not too hard, right? Just throw him a cookbook and let mum check up on him.

If only it was that simple! In reality, my dad found recipes and cookbooks too boring and confusing – he needed something more fun, engaging and convenient, that avoided complicated cooking terminology and just got straight to the point.

In response, my spouse and I developed a set of minimalistic recipe cards to help dad get started. These cards evolved into “Wholesome Noodle Bowls” the first Kitchen Ninja cooking lesson.

Since then, we have decided to share our cooking lessons online. We are starting with cooking lessons for complete beginners. We will then continue with cooking lessons for more experienced home cooks.

You can read about my own journey to becoming a kitchen ninja on my personal blog: The Nomad Polymath

Warm regards,

Sara – The Kitchen Ninja